Find out how you are sabotaging yourself?

June 9, 2011 at 9:57 pm 1 comment

‘Whether you think you can or you think you can’t – you’re right’ Henry Ford

When I was recruited to Xerox back in the 90’s as a sales executive in their business outsourcing division, my role was to go after the big game – schedule A banks, and major financial institutions. My quota was >$5M/year!

I should have received the award for best actor – what did I say and do to let them believe I was able to do this! They welcomed me on board – seemed genuinely glad that I was there – and they had high expectations! I realized that my belief in myself was incongruent to achieving my sales success at Xerox. Something had to be done!

Psychologists tell us that  we act and perform in accordance with our beliefs. Our beliefs reside in the unconcious – the deepest part of our mind. Which means that for most of us – we are not even aware of why we are the way we are!

For those of you who have been hypnotised, you will recognize that hypnosis attempts to get through your conscious, subconscious and down to the unconcious mind, to ‘suggest’ changing those beliefs – which is why you will find that those who have been hypnotised successfully will perform/say or do things that they would not do if their filters were on. It is wise to note, that we will not do anything that betrays our beliefs even in the deepest hynosis! So – we act and perform in accordance with our beliefs.

These beliefs protect us and shield us from harm – it is our mind’s defense system! And, they are non-partisan and non-biased, and formed based on experiences and lessons as a young mind. What may have served as an effective defense mechanism in the past may not be needed now, but our unconcious is not aware of that (hence the name ‘unconcious!)

The dilemna comes when you are ‘supposed’ to be acting/doing/saying something – and you find yourself unwilling/unable to perform.

Case in point – how many sales people are instructed to ‘call high’ – get 4 high-value calls per week with the C suite. And, we find ourselves week after week, unable to do so – reaching and speaking with the operations or mangement level.

The reasons may be the ones we give our managers weekly, or it may be that calling ‘high’ is incongruent with our belief system.

Does any of your head-chatter sound like…
‘what am I supposed to say to the CFO?; what if they pick up the phone?; I am only selling xxxx! They are going to tell me to go to IT. What am I going to say to the screener? I sound goofy when I get nervous. I’ve got too much stuff to do! They pile us up with admin stuff and then they want us to cold call. Who has the time?……

What to do?

to be continued


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I got the cold calling blues……… Being Negative Creates Positive Value (via Leadership Freak)

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  • 1. The_JML  |  June 20, 2011 at 12:54 pm

    We self-handicap to protect self-esteem. If and when people sabotage events or themselves, it speaks to a lack of self-esteem. Sabotage may occur for any number of reasons, all steeped in a tea of ignorance and a fear of excellence.


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