Sales – the Job that Everyone needs to have, at least once …..

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It is 6:50AM on yet another beautiful summer day in Toronto, and as I sit here gazing out at the verdant scenery, with my steaming cup of frothy coffee, I hear the sound of water flowing. It’s the shower and in it is my (just 2 days ago) 19 year old son, getting ready for another day of his summer job….in Sales!!

After spending several weeks looking for the right summer job, he took a position as a door to door salesman for a company that seals driveways.

It is back breaking work – pushing around a 500 lb machine; knocking on doors selling the service, and sealing the driveway if the sale is made. For this, payment in the form of commission only, comes at the end of the week, for sales made. minus the $10/day to rent the equipment. It is a win, win, win – for customer, company and salespersons – with some groups winning more than others!

And, I for one am much pleased at the lessons that are happening as a result of this.

Top Ten Lessons Learned

  1. Entrepreneur – good sense of what it’s like to run your own business, and enormous pride of knowing exactly what you are worth at the end of the week.
  2. Discipline – has the leg up on talent. Sure work ‘smarter not harder’ is a great tenet – but nothing beats having a process that works – and working it.
  3. Experience is not always the best teacher –  because someone has been at this longer doesn’t mean they are better – on his first day he made the only 2 sales of the day – experienced partner – none.
  4. Continuous Improvement – experience only counts if you are constantly re-calibrating to ensure that you are learning – even a billion dollars starts with that first penny.
  5. Goal Setting –  setting goals every morning has had a great impact on his results – and has become a dash board for him to measure his accomplishments.
  6. Some days are better than others –  enjoy!  And for the others – remember, even the longest day –ends!
  7. Perseverance – it does conquer all –sometimes the hardest part is just showing up (especially when you don’t hit the bed until 2:30AM)
  8. Closing –  there is always a close – either your customer closes you and there is no sale – or you close them for the sale.
  9. People are really cool – he and his partner were given lunch by an empathetic home owner – hang onto that when people are not too cool!

10.Pride and reward in a job well done – there’s nothing wrong in being a 20 year, overnight success!


In his journey to make this world a better place, the lessons he learns in his sales career are invaluable, and certainly more than his mother, the sales facilitator could teach him, about the job that everyone needs to have!!

Just got a text from him now…’It’s been great day today, Mooom!’
Cool!!- that’s my boy!!


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Sales? Really….really?… Damn that Hurts…

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